there is no sea in barcelona

Posted in Uncategorized by gaizkasara on August 12, 2010
“THERE IS NO SEA IN BARCELONA, it’s a myth, everyone in the city knows. Indeed, there is a sea nearby, it can be seen from the top of Monserrat or The Tibidabo Park. 
 But is getting late. Time to go back home. Some sleeping time and monday will come knocking doors and setting the beat with bustle, taxis, tube, crosswalks and tramways. Delayed appointments -“I’m within 5 minutes”, “Sorry, I’m late”, “I’m not gonna make it”, “I’m on the tube…can´t hear you”.  
Tuesday morning and the sea is gone. The sea in Barcelona is a ghost which just appears when someone comes visiting on a day off”.

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  1. Andy S said, on August 26, 2010 at 16:16

    fantastic! keep up the great work mate. I am hoping to get to Barca very soon, my son, Louis has developed a deep love of Barcelona and Lione Messi in particular!

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